Intercultural dance

Fusion Le Grand Cru has been creating international and intercultural productions since 2000. For more than 15 years we have found our inspiration in the rich traditions of other cultures, and consequently create intercultural work. Doing so we are unique in the Dutch dance scene. Together with our international partners we connect traditional culture and modern art through contemporary performances. These alliances demonstrate in another way the ‘cultural body’ of the 21st century.

Ondulation //Gendarme Crouché~ Feri de Geus & Noortje Bijvoets Le Grand Cru Compagnie Walô,

Sustainability  We make autonomous performances for the international market and local productions at the end of a program intervention. The courses are aimed at allowing the partner organization to flourish creatively and business wise, in addition to contributing to the personal growth of the artists. Our intention is to create a sustainable basis with our partners in their own country, due to lack of training and/or a functioning theater circuit.

The power and authenticity of the intangible heritage

is our inspiration for the creative process.

International performances The international productions of Le Grand Cru are created with artistic partners from a.o. Namibia, Benin, Burundi, Cuba, Kosovo, Albania, Mali, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, South Africa and Syria. Performances are presented both in the country of origin and in the Netherlands and Europe and are accompanied by a large number of workshops in high schools.


Local performances This is where training and production come together and where artists display their technical skills, their quality of presentation and cooperation with each other in front of an audience. In short, a performance is the sublimation and the anchoring of a training program and as such essential to the overall learning process. Personal and social themes determine the content in order to create impact on society. Shows take place in theaters and at any location where a crowd can gather, such as a school or marketplace.

Storm Janse van Rensburg

What our partners say

‘In South Africa Noortje and Feri immersed themselves in the complexity of our society and politics, and engaged with the challenges they encountered in a commendable and mature way. Unlike many other European artists who come to Africa with messianistic approaches, Le Grand Cru’s ethos of learning in order to create new visions was refreshing. Whilst they approached their subjects humbly, they also defended an artistic vision that is based on innovation’.

Storm Janse van Rensburg | Curator | South Africa | 2005
Noora Baker

What our partners say

‘Working with Feri and Noortje has influenced me as it has influenced them. Learning  a different process to create a piece in a short period of time with people you don’t know. Incorporating the use of words and songs  and experimenting with traditional dance “Dabke” in a new way. As a Palestinian I have always been called “courageous” even at times when I don’t think I deserved it, however after working with Feri and Noortje I like to give them this title for their openness and for working with us instead of working above us’.

Noora Baker | Head of Training El Funoun Dance Troupe | Palestine | 2010
Louisa Olivares Navarro

What our partners say

‘Estuve muy feliz escuchando los cuentos de todos los participantes y sobre todo al saber que ustedes han contribuido en el crecimiento profesional no solo de los que alli estuvieron, sino tambien de los que aqui quedamos. Amigos, gracias otra vez más por esta marvillosa oportunidad, gracias por este confrontacion que permitirá amplior nuestros conocimientos culturales.’

Louisa Olivares Navarro | Directora Escuela Nacinal de Danza Moderna y Folklòrica | Cuba | 2011

Ongoing performances