Imàgenes is the first intercultural project by Le Grand Cru. A floating raft in the form of an outdoor stage is the setting for imàgenes with dancers from the Escuela Nacional de Danza Moderna y folklorica in Havana. Inspiration came from images of demonstrations, the US boycott and other images in Cuba. As a subtle reference to the political system, ‘The State’, a famous composition by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen sets the tone. Imàgenes attracted thousands of people per show. A year later the production was re-staged with another tableau of dancers at the ITS festival in Amsterdam in conjunction with a number of workshops.


Choreography: Feri de Geus Choreography assistent : Noortje Bijvoets Music: Louis Andriessen – De Staat Set and Light: Pink Steenvoorden Costumes: Tonny Boersma – de Vrede production Cuba: Arlai Gonzalez Padin, Roberto Labastida, Louisa Olivares
Production The Netherlands: Limburg Festival, International Theaterschool Festival
Dance: Etian Antuche Almeida, Nadieshda Caridad Valdes Carbonell, Osnel Delgado Wambrug, Oslavy Enrique Lopez Benavides, Suramy suarez Maldonado, Oreykel Hidalgo Rodriguez, Jessie Guiterrez Ramis, Adiebiz Labanino Palacios, Ania Elena Ballagas Negrete