Intercultural Coaching

Life skills The development of being an artist requires individual growth. Who am I, how can I work well with others; it requires life skills to become a strong performer. On the one hand we coach experienced artists in developing their artistic work, on the other hand the training methods are also used for personal coaching and team building in community  and corporate organizations.

Teamcoaching We use movement -and theatre exercises as interventions to enforce cooperation. The interventions stimulate effective (personal) leadership, creativity and confidence. Not only for individuals within the team, but for the team as a whole. The applied methodologies are a combination of new insights on the subject of team and organisation coaching. In addition to ideas from, among others, ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) and theatrical game assignments we add a unique dimension by mapping a business culture in a company by means of the Grand Cru Mapping technique (see training). The Grand Cru mapping technique reveals personal and cultural identity in a playful manner and catalyses the connection with the team, with trust and with transformation.

Knowledge and empathy are the GPS of our coaching

Presentation training We also train in presentation technique. coaching-beninNon-verbal presentation is a powerful tool in transmitting your message to others. A first impression and the body posture are pillars of your communication. But how does it really work , non-verbal communication and how can you change it? How do you direct your audience and how to stay in touch with what is happening in the group? During the training  you experience that you can feel confident, alert and conscious, even without a sixpack or a straight back. In other words, you become the director of your own charisma.

Corporate performance  Apart from regular coaching Le Grand Cru offers the possibility to create a tailor made performance to represent the strength and cohesion within a company. A (literal) spotlight on the work environment and the employers generates approval and sense of importance of the work and increases daily togetherness. To organise a creative and original farewell party is another option to strengthen the cohesion and enjoyment on the work floor.

Rachelle Agbossou

What our partners say

La fondation Le Grand Cru avec ses formateurs constitue une équipe de « coaches » très experts dans leur domaine. Nous sommes très honorés à la Compagnie Walô de travailler avec une telle équipe. Tous les danseurs sont unanimes sur le fait que c’est une chance pour eux d’avoir reçu cette formation, même s’ils voudraient que cela ait duré plus longtemps’.

Rachelle Agbossou | Directeur Artistique | Benin | 2014