Direction Le Grand Cru was founded in 1994 by Feri de Geus. For many years the foundation was the label of his many unique and successful dance productions in the Netherlands. Feri is a choreographer who also studied cultural anthropology. This inspiring combination resulted in the transformation of Le Grand Cru into an intercultural organization for training and productions in the new millennium. Together with Noortje Bijvoets he makes up the artistic direction of Le Grand Cru. Noortje Bijvoets has earned her reputation as a professional dancer in successful productions in the Netherlands and abroad and is a popular trainer worldwide. Within Le Grand Cru she also works as co-choreographer. Since 2013 she works at the Dutch Rijksmuseum where she is responsible for the performance quality and implementation of guided tours.

feriandnoortje2c Inspiration and embedding Curiosity about other cultures and other stories was and is the engine to seek cooperation with partners in non-Western countries. Initially to  broaden our artistic horizons and be inspired by rich traditions. Most countries in which we operate do not have the financial capacity nor the political will to support their own artists in their artistic development. As a result, the development prospects of the partners have taken a central role in the collaboration. Le Grand Cru thereby not only manifests itself as art organization, but also as an organization associated with civil society. There has been an intensive cooperation over the last ten years with Dutch and foreign NGOs, dance academies, colleges of higher education and universities. Partners and sponsors

 As a development organization we do not show the misery but rather the power of people and cultures.


walo-352Trainers For each training program we look for professionals in line with the objectives of the program. Over the years we have built a wide network of internationally active choreographers, directors, dance educationalists, lighting designers and cultural managers. In creating a performance we work with a fixed team: Einstein Design for set and light and Karisma Costumes to dress the performers. Our business leader is Betty Kaan. Board and trainers

ANBI We are a small and flexible organization that works on a project basis. For each project we apply to donors. The Foundation works internationally and therefore all our information is available in English. The foundation’s assets are used to optimize the functioning of the Foundation in consultation with the board. The board carries out its duties without remuneration. Le Grand Cru is a taxable company and has a ANBI status registered under number RSIN803210085. Financial statements