The training Powered by Art-Fueled for Life had as an important component the creation of short choreographies with up to 2-4 dancers to offer to regional festivals in particular. With this, Walô has a number of artistic productions to offer from which festivals can choose and which are not costly due to limited size. Le Grand cru has spearheaded the content by bringing in sessions on human rights themes and through intensive improvisation, composition and dramaturgy training. So as to create work with strong narrative power. Guarding unity in form and content was the common thread in coaching by all the trainers. In 2022, all 4 pieces have been played regularly at a number of venues in Benin, in Congo and in the Netherlands. In 2023, works will include amongst others performances at a festival in Burkina Faso. Choreographers: Bonaventure Sossou, Denise Ishola, Doegam Atrokpo, Lucrèce Atchade. Trainers: Anne Suurenby donk, Noortje Bijvoets, Feri de Geus.

Powered by Art-Fueled for Life