This performance is made in cooperation with Company Walô for secondary schools in Benin. The production was the result of a training in which themes of general sexual behaviour and  specific sexual violence were translated into theatrical scenes, directed on a program of sexual education in secondary schools. Intimacy, preference, violence, myth and reality are displayed in a sequence of traditional dance, text, rap and hiphop songs.

After a first series performed in high schools with 10,000 visitors, the show is also presented in the framework of activities of the advocacy organization  ABMS -Association Béninoise pour le Marketing Social . In 2015 the performance toured with ABMS through the north of the country for another 10,000 students. Touch my body don’t touch my body is still regularly performed, even in a flash mob version.

Choreography and direction:
Noortje Bijvoets, Feri de Geus, Compagnie Walô
a.o. Kim Horthnoy. Dj Shadow
Rap composition: 
Fadji Missihoun and Compagnie Walô
Richmir Totah, Compagnie Walô, Le Grand Cru
Dance and singing: 
Rachelle Agbossou, Serge Amoussou Guenou, Guillaume Niedjo, Franklin Senou, Daniel Ahifon, Lucrece Atchade, Sahadat Ami-Toure, Denise Ichola Elodie Djepke, Dougame Atropo, Bonaventure Sossou, Honoré Togbe.

This performance has been realized with support of EP-NUFFIC, PSI International and the Dutch Embassy in Benin.