Step into a rocking love-seat and make a sensual journey of 20 minutes full of virtual duets. Young Dutch choreographers and directors tell in words and images about their art, their cultural heritage, their religion and their identity. The artists have emerged from the diaspora of 50 years migration in the Netherlands and show cultural heritage and inspiration beyond the debate on identity, integration or political correctness. The story and dance are universal and purifying in their mutual connection.

 Le Grand Cru has created two video installations in the Netherlands on the theme of culture and religion on the basis of their work in global cultures. The videos are made in cooperation with filmmaker Eric van den Broek and designer Pink Steenvoorden.

With: Sabri Saad el Hamus, Guy Weizman (Club Guy and Roni), Muhanad Rasheed ( Most impressive dance performance 2010), Kalpana Raghuraman, Mouna Laroussi, Vraja Sundari Keilman (Dans public prize 2011), Aisa Lafour, Carlos Lagoeiro, Ederson Rodriques Xavier (Zilveren dansprijs 2002), Jolanda Boejharat, Bryan Druiventak (Solid Ground Movement) and Hans van de L’isle.  Music: Coordt Linke, Editor: Elmer Leupen, Graphic Design: Maarten Evenhuis.



‘Do not miss the video installation DANCE / DEVOTION / DEVIATION by Noortje Bijvoets and Feri de Geus. Here they question choreographers working in the Netherlands but with their roots in other cultures. This illustrates wonderfully to whom Dutch dance par excellece owes its wealth of diversity.’
Sander Hiskemuller, Dagblad Trouw

DDD has been exhibited amongst others at Cinedans festival, Festival Mundial, Theater de Regentes, Galerie Wout Vuyk.
This production has been realized with the support of VSBfonds, SNSreaalfonds en Fonds 1818.





Dance and Religion is the first video installation in which Le Grand Cru fellow choreographers, dancers and dance audiences question what they find beautiful, intense and interesting due to their own (unconscious) Christian religious background. A research in collaboration with Danslab. Camera: Hes Mundt.

“By working in other cultures where religion often plays a strong role, we have become  aware that we have roots in the Christian belief system and act accordingly, often without being aware of it”.