Feri de Geus worked closely together with composer Stefan van Campenhout, creating eloquent live music productions until Stefan’s tragic disappearance in the Swiss Alps in 1993. In 1996, he was invited to create a dance piece Covered in collaboration with a pop group called Nerve. Their heavy metal sound was an ultimate challenge. Together with five dancers, Phil Mills and Tom Holkenberg (world-famous as Junkie XL) were easily integrated into a stunning performance, which was both presented in music halls and theatres. The piece was based on a number of case studies dealing with cocaine addicts. The ludicrous attitudes and freakish, unpredictable movements of the characters coincided with the loud undulations of the techno metal band in a wadded set designed by Sjoerd Wagenaar.







The Hijack with DJ Lady Aida and VJ’s Captain Video was a totally new concept: confronting an unsuspecting dance-audience with multi-media modern dance. Large video screens were used as curtains and placed in the middle of the dance floor, dividing the dancing crowd at different moments throughout the night. Thus, giving each half of the crowd a different performance to watch. The crowd, unconscious of what was happening, became the lead player by reacting to everything that was happening around them created by nine performers, three VJ’s, and nine technicians. This crew changed the awareness of the ‘audience’ during the night.