The training Touch my body do not touch my body was an intensive 6 month training with Compagnie Walô in Benin. The program aimed to turn themes about sexual education into theatrical forms and to present the results to young people in secondary schools.

The training consisted of hip hop and modern dance techniques, dance pedagogy and training in the making of Rap. Trainers: Fadji Missihoun, Noor Bijvoets, Honey Evans, Fabia Witkamp, Heleen van Gigch and Feri de Geus

There was also a training in didactics by working with a test group of young people in the studio, and information and approach to various sexual topics taught by Clarissa Gomez and Brigitte Dagba, employees of the advocacy organization  ABMS (Association pour le Béninoise Social Marketing). In the Netherlands, there was a training in developing a social  business plan and social media training , led by Ineke Aquarius and Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen.








The training has led to a performance and a flashmob version. Both are part of the repertoire of the company and have been presented on more then thirty occasions until 2016, often in collaboration with ABMS (Association pour le Beninoise Marketing Social) and attracted over 25,000 visitors across the country.
The training was supported by EP NUFFIC.