Danse de Création is the first program of Le Grand Cru focused on training and professionalization of a traditional dance troupe from Benin. Through its mapping and sampling methodology the direction of Le Grand Cru has built a program on the analysis of traditional dances, the introduction of modern dance techniques that connects to traditional styles and developed a program focused on awareness and use of the body. A teaching program, a management training and the creation of a performance for schools completed this extensive training program.

This performance Lewe-ou l’enfance de l’art is staged in a dozen primary schools in conjunction with a creative education program implemented by the dancers from training.

Trainers in the program were Joan van der Mast, Erik Kaiel, Feri de Geus, Pink Steenvoorden, Florianne Dobrowolski, Dorian Maarse, Noortje Bijvoets, Marjanne Paardekooper, Jacqueline van Benthem and Marlies Gorissen.