The training Bouger pour Changer in Kinshasa in 2023 was in partnership with Likit’Arts. An organization that promotes dance in DRCongo. for this training, 15 dance talents were selected who were intensively trained during a 3-month period by the multinational team of Grand Cru Global. Prior to the training, a management week was planned for young entrepreneurs in Kinshasa who are active cultural actors. The training consisted of various dance techniques and dance analysis methodology. Part of the training was devoted to creating a performance entitled “Force de Désespoir” inspired by the stories of the participants.The program was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with support from the Dutch Embassy in Kinshasa and managed by NUFFIC.

Trainer team: Noortje Bijvoets, Anne Suurendonk, Lucrèce Atchade, Annie Modi, Eric Loembet, Feri de Geus and Jeroen Kriek.