A new training in cooperation with Compagnie Diagn’ Art and cultural centre Le château in Saint Louis, Senegal. Young hiphop dancers working to professionalize their dance career, in which social themes such as gender and identity play a major role next to their artistic development. The training consists out of different contemporary dance techniques, dance analyses, hip hop styles, performative qualities and composition. Besides physuical training there will be a workshop in theatre techniques and light design and a staf training in communication and cultural entrepreneurship. The latter has been realized in februari 2019 in the Netherlands. At the end of the training in J a performance will be presented with the workshop group during the Duosolofestival that will take place annual in mid-June.


Trainers: Erik Bos, Pink Steenvoorden, Rachelle Agbossou, Noortje Bijvoets, Lucrèce Atchade, Feri de Geus, Guido Kleene, Gary Feingold.